Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vegan Egg Substitute for Not-So-Sweet Breads and Cakes

vegan sauce

This is the second of two vegan egg substitute recipes I'm sharing.  While the first one was for sweet things, this one is for not-so-sweet things like simple breads and the like.

You must bear in mind, though, that neither of the two sauces will enable you to make sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs--not even mayonnaise.  I already said in the previous recipe that these are only good for breads and cakes, remember?

Flax Seed-Based Egg Substitute

The Finished Product

Raw Flax Seeds

Flax seed can be found in most grocery stores and health shops.  It is considered a health food item since it happens to be very rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  I bought mine at Healthy Options, SM City Cebu.  There are brown seeds and golden yellow seeds like in the picture above.  Both are equally good for making egg substitute--it just depends on whether or not you like your food to be dark.

You will need:
- 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed (grind it using a coffee grinder)
- 3 tablespoons of water

To make it:

1. Simmer the ground flax seeds and water in a small pan or metallic cup for 5 minutes until you achieve a consistency similar to an egg white's. 
2. Put it on a cup and let it cool completely before you use it.

NOTE:  This amount is equivalent to one egg but you may easily make more using a ratio of 1 part ground flax seed to 3 parts water.

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