Thursday, 25 July 2013

Indonesia Eats: Jakarta

This is the last of the three-part series ranting about food from Indonesia.  Jakarta, the archipelago country's capital, gets its own segment even if it's part of the island of Java because I say so and this is my blog.  Hah!

I was left alone in Jakarta after every travelling friend had flown to their home countries--except me, that is.

Check out some of the food I had in Jakarta:

Kopi (Coffee)
This was the first thing I ordered upon hitting land in Jakarta, after the flight from Semarang.  Like I said, there's no coffee like Java coffee and Jakarta is still in Java!

Tempeh with Peanuts
 This Tempeh was served in what was, for me, an unusual way.  They minced the tempeh and mixed in some spices, chilli, and peanuts.  Then they added some sweet soy sauce for flavouring.  It was really good, though.

Terong Pedas (Spicy Aubergine)
This dish explains itself.  That red stuff on top isn't tomato sauce; it's chilli sauce.  This is very, very spicy but very, very good!

Ancient Coffee
I don't know what the Indonesian term for this particular coffee mix is.  It just said "Ancient Coffee" on the menu.  That white layer underneath is actually condensed milk, while that brownish part is espresso that has been lightened a bit by the milk.

This is a very good vegetarian meal!  Unfortunately, I only got to eat it as my last meal in the country before I hopped on a taxi that took me to the international airport.  It's rice with cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, mung bean sprouts and eggs, drenched in thick, heavenly peanut sauce.  It was quite possibly the best meal item I had in Indonesia!

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